Channel Islands, The

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Channel Islands, The


a group of islands in the English Channel, near the western coast of the Cotentin peninsula. A possession of Great Britain. Area, 196 sq km. Population, 125,000 (1971, estimate).

The Channel Islands consist of two large islands, Jersey and Guernsey, and of a number of smaller islands. They are composed mainly of gneisses and granites, and their maximum elevation is 148 m. There are meadows and market gardens (mainly in greenhouses). The population engages in fishing for flounder and mackerel. Guernsey and Jersey cattle are raised on the islands. The main city is St. Helier, a large banking center located on Jersey.

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For ABN AMRO Channel Islands, the transaction will bring the benefits of a more extensive loan product offering, as well as the opportunity to extend its service offering to the private equity and insurance industries.
On Santa Cruz, the largest of the Channel Islands, the Park Service entered into a unique partnership with The Nature Conservancy to undertake what Vetmeer calls "a multi-organization, multi-species, multitasking effort" involving at least four separate but interwoven conservation efforts to save the Island fox.
If Apple sets up on the Channel Islands, the FPB say it will join a growing band of major names exploiting the position including Tesco, Asda, HMV, WH Smith, Woolworths, Boots, Amazon, and Doll0nd and Atchison.

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