Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

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Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

Address:113 Harbor Way, Suite 150
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Location:25 miles off the coast of Santa Barbara, California.
Activities:Boating, diving, kayaking, spearfishing, bird-watching, camping, and wildlife cruises.
Special Features:Since the end of the fur trade, researchers have documented the dramatic recovery of the pinniped population. Four types of pinnipeds currently breed in sanctuary waters: the California sea lion, the northern fur seal, the northern elephant seal, and the harbor seal. Twenty-seven species of whales and dolphins, 6 species of seals and sea lions, and more than 60 species of marine birds have been observed in sanctuary waters. The brown pelican, an endangered species, maintains its only Pacific breeding colony on Anacapa Island. Description:Description: The Sanctuary protects 1,658 square miles of waters surrounding Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara islands. Sanctuary boundaries extend from mean high tide to six nautical miles (seven miles) seaward. Facilities:A visitor center is located on the top floor of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. Visitors can learn more about the habitats and natural resources of the Channel Islands through interpretive exhibits, computer stations with internet access, and telescopes set up for island viewing. Common Species: California sea lion, elephant and harbor seal, rockfish, abalone, bocaccio rockfish, and the blue shark. Environmental Issues: Commercial and recreational fishing, oil and gas development, commercial shipping lanes in close waters, and non-point source pollution. Habitats: Seagrass meadows, kelp forests, rock shelves, tide pools, rubble piles, sandy beaches, and rocky shores. Access: The Islands are accessible via personal boats and scheduled cruises.
Year Designated: 1980.

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If more communities followed the lead of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, we would see hundreds of more well-informed graduates march forth each year to protect and preserve our oceans.
color) Fishermen protest Wednesday the proposed restrictions to fishing in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.
The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and the California Department of Fish and Game are considering if they should create the no-take zones within the sanctuary boundary.
Four potential boundary proposals for the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary range from 1,411 to 4,127 square nautical miles and are under consideration for study in a draft environmental impact statement due out in late fall.
During a news conference Wednesday, organizers also displayed one of two single-person DeepWorker 2000 submarines to be used by the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary as part of a five-year study of marine life to be found at the aquarium.
For the first time, submarine explorers are getting ready to see what creatures have found sanctuary in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.
Begun in California in 1992 as a grass-roots effort with 50 divers from the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, the Great American Fish Count has since expanded to include five sanctuary areas with hundreds of divers from around the world.
It really looked like a dinosaur lying on its back,'' said Stephen Beckwith, executive officer of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, who led a team of six marine scientists to the remote beach.
Usually blue whales, when they die, they sink, so very rarely do you get to examine the carcass of a blue whale,'' said John Robinson, spokesman for the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.

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