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(also Ch’aochou), a city in South China, in Kwangtung Province. Landing on the Han Chiang. Population, 104,000 (1959). Industry includes machine building, food processing, and the manufacture of wood products and paper. The city also has cottage industries.

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The employment outlook for migrant workers cannot be optimistic for the future, which will exacerbate the difficulty more than ever to keep rural income growing," Wei Chaoan, the vice minister of agriculture, said at a news conference on Thursday.
On Sunday, a senior Guangdong provincial official rejected there was an avian influenza outbreak in the province's Chaoan County, despite the fact it had been confirmed by the central government, and threatened to take legal action against the Hong Kong media over their bird flu reports.
Note 60 on page 208 refers to a route from the coast to Liuqiu (here, probably Taiwan) in the Tang, but this goes back to the account of Liuqiu in Suishu and is better used to demonstrate that at this early period, when an expedition was launched to go to Taiwan, there were no adequate ports in Quannan and the ships sailed from Chaoan, in northern Guangdong.