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a Christian clergyman attached to a private chapel of a prominent person or institution or ministering to a military body, professional group, etc
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in the Catholic and Anglican churches:

(1) A clegyman in charge of a chapel or home church and also an assistant parish priest.

(2) A clergyman in the army; in bourgeois states, as a rule, the chaplain has the rank of an officer or general. In addition to his religious functions, the chaplain is also responsible for the political convictions and morale of the soldiers and officers.

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References in classic literature ?
The buck-Brahmin evaporates without explanations, an' the bhoy sets cross-legged on the Chaplain's bed prophesyin' bloody war to the men at large.
But the chaplain was really trying to qualify a rash remark.
'The newsletter will help increase our dialog with customers and highlight the depth of support we're able to provide to our military customers and Department of Veterans Affairs chaplains,' said Army Col.
Staff sometimes see chaplains as people who "hug a thug," and because they care about inmates and justice issues, they can be misunderstood.
For the first time in a century, Germany's military will have rabbis as chaplains. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen announced this week that her ministry would appoint Jewish chaplains to the Bundeswehr based on recommendations from the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the umbrella organization that represents the approximately 100,000 members of Jewish communities nationwide.
Four chaplains spent parts of Ash Wednesday administering ashes at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield.
TWO Leicestershire Police Chaplains have been commissioned by the Diocese of Leicester as part of the Sunday service at the Emmanuel Church in Loughborough.
Sally didn't know where to turn to deal with her grief until an unexpected encounter with Dan, one of the company's workplace chaplains. Like every other Monday morning, Sally looked forward to seeing Chaplain Dan hold the door open for employees and greet them as they came to work.
We saw every facet of the Air Force and got to meet chaplains from all over."
Hillan understands that military chaplains serve an important role in the lives of all service members and their families regardless of their beliefs.
Anglican university chaplains play a vital role helping young adults adjust to the strains of navigating higher education.