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see artichokeartichoke,
name for two different plants of the family Asteraceae (aster family), both having edible parts. The French, or globe, artichoke (Cynara scolymus) is a thistlelike plant of which the globular flower heads are used in the immature state as a salad or vegetable;
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; beetbeet,
biennial or annual root vegetable of the family Chenopodiaceae (goosefoot family). The beet (Beta vulgaris) has been cultivated since pre-Christian times. Among its numerous varieties are the red, or garden, beet, the sugar beet, Swiss chard, and several types of
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(Beta cicla, B. vulgardis cicla), a biennial vegetable and ornamental plant. The leaves (leaf varieties) or the petioles (petiole varieties) are used in various foods. Ornamental varieties have beautiful curly, wrinkled leaves with variously colored petioles and leaf veins (mostly red or yellow). Chard is cultivated in Western and Southern Europe, the United States, and other regions. In the USSR it is seldom cultivated.

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As a major health care benefits provider for more than a million members in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we have a role in providing access to safe health care," said John Charde, M.
Among the prep school players to be inducted are Dick Stewart and Charde Floyd, both of Worcester Academy.
And San Diego's Charde Houston might be the best of them all.
High School (Hometown) College SG Quianna Chaney 5-11 160 Southern University Lab LSU School (Baton Rouge, LA) PF Kristen 6-2 160 Oregon City High School Oregon Forristall (Oregon City, OR) C Alex Fuller 6-2 175 Shelbyville High School Tennessee (Shelbyville, TN) PF Darrice Griffin 6-1 160 Seagraves High School Texas Tech (Seagraves, TX) SF Charde Houston 6-0 175 San Diego High School Connecticut (San Diego, CA) SG Marscilla 5-10 155 Pickerington North H.
Although patients are getting beta blockers in the hospital setting, we need to work harder to encourage the ongoing use of this medicine after a heart attack," said John Charde, MD, co-chair of heartBBEAT for life and Vice President, Health Improvement, with Health Net.
7 by All Star Girls Report), who signed with Stanford, and Charde Houston (rated No.
According to John Charde, MD, chief medical officer for Health Net of the Northeast, Inc.
WARE John Charde Fogarty, 74, of 67 Church Street, died Tuesday, July 8, 2009 at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH.
Charde Houston, a 6-foot-1 San Diego High senior who made history as the first female basketball player to participate in the Adidas Big Time boys' basketball camp last summer, will make an official visit to UCLA next weekend.
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid -- Patricia Salber, MD, MBA, Senior Medical Director, CalPERS/Center for Health Improvement, Blue Shield of California -- Emma Hoo, Director, Value Based Purchasing, Pacific Business Group on Health -- Scott Weingarten, MD, MPH, Director, Health Services Research, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine -- Thomas Wilson PhD, DrPH, President, Wilson Research, LLC -- John Charde, MD, Vice President, Health Improvement, Healthnet, Inc.
Charde had been serving as vice president and senior medical director responsible for the supervision and implementation of PHS Health Plans' Quality Management and Initiatives program throughout Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.