chargé d'affaires

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chargé d'affaires:

see diplomatic servicediplomatic service,
organized body of agents maintained by governments to communicate with one another. Origins

Until the 15th cent. any formal communication or negotiation among nations was conducted either by means of ambassadors specially appointed for a
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Turkey's concerns and sensitivities have been conveyed to the charge d'affairs," Burak Ozugergin said.
The Charge D'affairs has reaffirmed Sudan's commitment to full implement these agreement and that the shortest way to the final status of Abyei is attainable through the establishment of the administrative mechanism and the interim security mechanism (Abyei legislative council, Abyei administration, and Abyei police) and the establishment of these mechanisms will gill in any administrative or security vacuum and prepared the climate for the return, resettlement and co-existence of the population groups in the area, represented in the Missaiyria and the Dinka Ngok, and thereafter enter into the final settlement of the status of Abyei.
Yet, she stressed that the non-resident charge d'affairs activities would mean that the two sides' diplomats would commute between the two countries and would not reside in the place of their mission.
ISLAMABAD, May 2 (KUNA) -- Pakistan foreign office on Thursday summoned the Afghan Charge d'Affairs (Cd'A) to record a strong protest against the clashes among the forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan which wounded two Pakistani paramilitary troops.
He handed over a letter of thanks to the German Charge d'Affairs for his government's efforts in regaining these antiquities.
ANKARA, Jul 7, 2009 (TUR) -- Chinese charge d'affairs in Ankara was summoned Tuesday by the Turkish Foreign Ministry over civil unrest in Xinjiang in the Uighur Autonomous Region in China after Sunday's violence that killed over 150 people, a ministry spokesman told the Anadolu Agency.
It is to be noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, summoned the Iranian Charge D'affairs in the Sudan and told him about the decision to close the centre in Khartoum and its branches in the state.
The formal request was handed over by Charge d'Affairs of the Yemeni embassy in Washington Adel Ali al-Sonini to the Treasury Department's Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes Jennifer Fowler during their meeting on Friday in Washington.
Charge d'Affairs to Libya has arrived to Tripoli to take over the mission one month after the killing of the U.
The Japanese Charge d'Affairs pointed out that the previous visit of Premier Nouri al-Maliki to Japan was a success, stressing that Basra is one of the main economic cities in the area.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Argentinean charge d'affairs to Iran was summoned to the Foreign Ministry to hear the country's protest over former Argentinean diplomat for trying to smuggle Iranian antiquities out of the country.
Charge d'Affairs offered condolences on behalf of his country to the Yemeni people and to the families of the victims ,who fell in the Defense compound hospital last Thursday.