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, member of the Salmonidae, a family of marine fish that spawn in freshwater, including the salmons, the trouts, and the chars (subfamily Salmoninae), the whitefish and the ciscoes (subfamily Coregoninae), and the grayling (subfamily Thymallinae).
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(Salvelinus), a genus of fish of the family Salmonidae, with two species: the Alpine char (S. alpinus) and S. leucomaenis. (According to some sources, there are four species.)

In lakes, chars develop habitat types, which are considered subspecies by some taxonomists and species by others. The char is found along the shores of Europe and northern Asia. Its body length is 35–65 cm (rarely, up to 88 cm), and its weight is 1–3 kg (sometimes up to 15 kg). A migratory fish, the char enters rivers for spawning from June to September and spawns in October-November of the sixth to seventh year of its life. The young go out to sea when they are two to four years old. S. leucomaenis inhabits the waters of the Far East, where the subspecies 5. alpinus malma (the Dolly Var-den) is also found. Although the meat of the char has excellent flavor, the fish has only slight commercial importance.


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, charr
any of various troutlike fishes of the genus Salvelinus, esp S. alpinus, occurring in cold lakes and northern seas: family Salmonidae (salmon)


/keir/ or /char/; rarely, /kar/ character. Especially used by C programmers, as "char" is C's typename for character data.


(CHARacter) In programming, the mnemonic for declaring a variable or array that holds alphanumeric characters. Pronounced "char" or "car," the C statement char OneChar; declares a single-byte variable named "OneChar," which holds one character. The declaration char InBuff[1000]; reserves a 1,000 byte array named "InBuff."
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