Charles's law

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Charles's law:

see gas lawsgas laws,
physical laws describing the behavior of a gas under various conditions of pressure, volume, and temperature. Experimental results indicate that all real gases behave in approximately the same manner, having their volume reduced by about the same proportion of the
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This is based on Charles's Law which states that when pressure is kept constant, a certain amount of gas volume (V) is proportional to the temperature (T) (i.e., [V.sub.1] / [T.sub.1] = [V.sub.2] / [T.sub.2])".
It should be noted that the participants were assumed to have learned all of the relevant content (i.e., Boyle's law, Charles's law, atmospheric pressure, greenhouse effect, and buoyancy) related to the six test items in their high school physical science course and no further scientific concepts were instructed during the study.
WHAT substances do Boyle's and Charles's laws concern?