Charles Percier

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Percier, Charles


Born Aug. 22, 1764, in Paris; died there Sept. 5, 1838. French architect.

Percier and P. Fontaine, who worked together from 1794 to 1814, were arbiters of taste during the reign of Napoleon I and leading representatives of the Empire style. Their works were distinguished by a grandeur of form, which revived ancient Roman motifs, and an attempt to achieve a synthesis of architecture and the decorative arts, which at times resulted in a certain dryness and reduced effectiveness of the architectural forms. In addition to such monuments as the triumphal arch on Place Carrousel in Paris (1806), Percier and Fontaine designed furniture, interior decorations, and the decorations for various festivities.


Recueil de décorations intérieures. Paris, 1812. (With P. Fontaine.)


Fouche, M. Percier et Fontaine. Paris, 1904.
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