Charles Clerke

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Clerke, Charles


Born 1741; died Aug. 22, 1779, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii. English navigator.

Clerke participated in four circumnavigations of the globe: the 1764–66 expedition of John Byron and the 1768–71, 1772–75, and 1776–79 expeditions of James Cook. After Cook’s death on Feb. 14, 1779, he headed the expedition and sailed the ship from the Hawaiian Islands to the Chukchi Sea; however, before reaching even 70° N lat., he encountered heavy ice and was forced to turn back. In 1775 Cook named after Clerke the cliffs the expedition discovered in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean (near 55° S lat.).

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Banks never sailed back to the Pacific, but he continued to acquire works from subsequent voyages, such as an impressive anthropomorphic kava bowl bequeathed to him by Captain Charles Clerke, which he donated to the British Museum (Fig.
From the log of Charles Clerke, second in command, March, 1779
Now under Charles Clerke's command, the two ships sailed northward but were again blocked by pack ice in the Arctic.
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