Charles Edgar Du Perron

Perron, Charles Edgar Du


Born Nov. 2, 1899, in Batavia, now Jakarta, Indonesia; died May 14, 1940, in Bergen. Dutch writer.

Perron worked as a journalist in Paris. He wrote the autobiographical novels A Preparation (1927), The Homeland (1935), and Scandal in Holland (1939). These works expressed the writer’s derisive and cold attitude toward the world of philistine prosperity, as well as his romantic fervor and his respect for man. Perron was greatly influenced by Multatuli (Eduard Douwes Dekker), to whom he dedicated the book The Man From Lebak (1937). Perron also wrote the poetry collections Parlando (1930) and Microchaos (1932) and such literary critiques as the collection The Thin Man (1934).


Verzameld werk [vols. 1-7]. Amsterdam, 1954-59.


Van Leeuwen, W. L. M. E. Drie vrienden: Menno ter Braak, H. Mars-man, E. du Perron; Studies en herinneringen. Antwerp, 1963.
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The writer who comes closest stylistically to Van Schendel is Charles Edgar du Perron. Du Perron's own reviews of Van Schendel's work reveal much about his positive evaluation of the older writer and also about his own literary values.
Perron, Edgar duin full Charles Edgar du Perron (b.
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