Charles George Gordon

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Gordon, Charles George


Born Jan. 28, 1833; died Jan. 26, 1885. English general and colonial administrator.

Gordon fought in the Crimean War of 1853–56. taking part in the siege of Sevastopol’ in 1855. In 1860 he participated in the French and British expedition (1856–60) in China. In 1863 and 1864 he commanded the counterrevolutionary army, the so-called Ever Victorious Army, which played the major role in the suppression of the Taiping Rebellion. In 1874 he became governor of the province of Equatoria in the Sudan. In the years 1877–79 and 1884–85 he was governor of all of Sudan. He participated in the effort to suppress the Mahdist rebellion and was killed when the Mahdi’s forces stormed Khartoum.

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1885: Major-general Charles George Gordon, British commander and Governor of the Sudan, was killed by a spear while besieged at Khartoum by forces of the Mahdist rebellion.
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GENERAL Charles George Gordon and his 11,000-strong garrison were slaughtered in a Muslim uprising after a 10-month siege of the Sudan capital in 1884 - two days before a British relief force arrived.
Charles George Gordon was one of Victorian Britain's greatest heroes, a man regarded by many as a Christian martyr who died at the hands of Mohammedan fanatics.