Charles Hamilton

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Hamilton, Charles

(1913–  ) autograph authority; born in Ludington, Mich. He grew up in Flint, Mich. and made his first acquisition (a Rudyard Kipling autograph) at age 12. He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps (1942–45) and in 1952 began to specialize in identifying handwriting and autographs. He established Charles Hamilton Galleries, Inc., in New York City in 1963, the first American auction gallery devoted exclusively to autographs. He wrote numerous books, including The Signature of America: A Fresh Look at Famous Handwriting (1979). An expert at spotting forgeries, he became engaged in several notable controversial cases.

Hamilton, Charles (Memorial)

(1840–75) U.S. representative; born in Clinton County, Pa. A lawyer, he enlisted in the Union army in 1861 and went with the military government to Florida in 1865, serving as a Republican representative (1868–71), once Florida was readmitted to Congress.
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And greetings to Mirror readers Charles Hamilton, from Naphill, Bucks, 95, and Harry Boyd, from Newcastle, who is 10.
As a future elementary teacher, I am reminded of the quote by Charles Hamilton Houston, who was a prominent African-American lawyer.
This feasibility study is being conducted by two of Concord Securities most experienced portfolio managers Charles Hamilton and Jon Elliot.
1876: Frank Richards, author and creator of fat schoolboy Billy Bunter, was born in London as Charles Hamilton.
1834: The Poor Law Amendment Act was passed, abandoning the system of outdoor relief by which parishes looked after their poor s Billy Bunter, was born in London as Charles Hamilton.
Charles Hamilton returned nine trout and Cardiff visitors Ken Thomas and Pat Cawley had that number between them.
For his Painshill estate in Surrey, Charles Hamilton sought a hermit who would remain on the grounds at all times, refrain from cutting his beard and nails, and say nothing to the servant who brought his meals.
Eileen O'Carroll chooses William Thompson's Practical Education for the South of Ireland', Fintan Lane writes about James Connolly's Labour in Irish History; Rosie Meade finds Robert Tressel's The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists to her liking; Fiona Dukelow writes about Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex; Orla McDonnell is interested in Thomas Szasz's The Myth of Mental Illness; a book by Kwame Ture (aka Stokely Carmichal) and Charles Hamilton, Black Power: The Politics of Liberation, intrigues Robbie McVeigh; and Mark Garavan looks at Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed.
But it is rare that the standard civil rights narrative will mention the name of Charles Hamilton Houston.
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There's a famous scene early in Gone With the Wind, where Scarlett O'Hara, fresh from the disappointingly mundane death of her first husband, the dopey and unlamented Charles Hamilton, accepts Captain Rhett Butler's offer to dance at a charity bazaar.
Charles Hamilton Houston led the legal campaign that resulted, ultimately, in the U.