Charles the Bad

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Charles the Bad:

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(Charles the Bad), 1332–87, king of Navarre (1349–87), count of Évreux; grandson of King Louis X of France. He carried on a long feud with his father-in-law, John II, king of France, procuring the assassination (1354) of John's favorite, Charles de
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, king of Navarre.
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The literary focus of its scholarly enquiry is marked in the identification of Jean le Mauvais as addressee of Machaut's Confort d'Ami, rather than Charles II of Navarre. The book's usefulness to scholars and students outwith comparative studies would have been enhanced by translations of the quotations from French sources.
Charles II of Navarre was wrapped in brandy-soaked linen when he fell ill in 1387.
In Chapter 1, Elliott reads Machaut's Confort d'ami, addressed to the imprisoned Charles II of Navarre, as a guide to cultivating the faculty of memory, an activity that helped readers better endure the slings and arrows of Fortune (Charles had been incarcerated, wrongly as far as Machaut was concerned) and behave ethically.