Charles Lalo

Lalo, Charles


Born Feb. 24, 1877, in Périgueux; died Apr. 1, 1953, in Paris. French aesthetician. Professor at the Sorbonne (from 1933); president of the French Society of Esthetics.

While adhering to the principles of positivist “formal aesthetics,” Lalo, on the other hand, worked to develop a sociological approach to art as the aesthetic response to various phenomena of social life.


L’Esthétique expérimentale contemporaine. Paris, 1908.
Les Sentiments esthétiques. Paris, 1910.
L’Art et la vie sociale. Paris, 1921.
L’Art et la morale. Paris, 1922.
L’Expression de la vie dans l’art. Paris, 1933.
Eléments d’une esthétique musicale scientifique, 2nd ed. Paris, 1939.
L’Art et la vie, vols. 1–3. Paris, 1946–47.
L’Esthétique du rire. Paris, 1949.
In Russian translation:
Vvedenie v estetiku. St. Petersburg, 1915.


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