Doughty, Charles Montagu

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Doughty, Charles Montagu

(dō`tē, dou`tē), 1843–1926, English author and traveler. He is best known for his Travels in Arabia Deserta (1888), describing his life among the Bedouins. Now considered a masterpiece of travel literature, the book received little attention until it was reissued in 1921 with an introduction by T. E. LawrenceLawrence, T. E.
(Thomas Edward Lawrence), 1888–1935, British adventurer, soldier, and scholar, known as Lawrence of Arabia. While a student at Oxford he went on a walking tour of Syria and in 1911 joined a British Museum archaeological expedition in Mesopotamia.
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. Doughty's poems include the epic The Dawn in Britain (6 vol., 1906).


See study by S. E. Tabachnick, ed. (1987).

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Dr Zwemer assisted Mr Lawrence by providing him with a valuable book regarding the peninsula, written by British writer and explorer Charles Montagu Doughty entitled Travels in Arabia Deserta.
Charles Montagu Doughty was then sixty-six years old and knew 'scarcely anyone' in the Sussex seaside town.