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Vale Press,

celebrated British establishment for fine printing. It was one of the presses founded in London in 1896 during the revival of the art and craft of making books. The Vale type and the other types (Avon and King's Fount) used by the Vale Press were designed and the printing of Vale Press books was supervised by the artist Charles Ricketts; the presswork was by the Ballantyne Press. The masterpiece of the Vale Press is The Works of Shakespeare, in 39 volumes (1900–1903). The work of the press, encompassing 45 titles, ended in 1904, and Ricketts then destroyed the types. See also Kelmscott PressKelmscott Press,
printing establishment in London. There William Morris led the 19th-century revival of the art and craft of making books (see arts and crafts). The first book made by the press was The Story of the Glittering Plain (1891), by William Morris.
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; Ashendene PressAshendene Press
, founded in 1895 at Ashendene, Hertfordshire, England, by Sir C. H. St. John Hornby and moved in 1899 to Chelsea, London. It was a leader (with the Kelmscott Press and the Doves Press) in the 19th-century revival of fine English printing.
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; Doves PressDoves Press
, one of the leaders in the revival of the art and craft of making books that occurred in the late 19th and early 20th cent. It was founded at Hammersmith, London, in 1900 by T. J.
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Charles Ricketts, a veteran from Ames, Iowa, blamed Congress, not the National Park Service, for nearly ruining his group's trip.
But of the six--comprising two pairs, Charles Haslewood Shannon/ Charles Ricketts, and Glyn Philpot/Vivian Forbes, and two individuals, James Pryde and F.
Mary Magdalene Charles Ricketts, St Mary Magdalene, Paddington
was to inspire Herbert Horne and Arthur Mackmurdo's The Century Guild Hobby Horse later in the century (1884-92), and Charles Ricketts and Charles Shannon's The Dial (1889-97).
One of those devoted artists who rejected both the world and the deluded emotions of high Victorian culture was the painter and book designer Charles Ricketts, who declared irreverently that 'the lump in the throat' of the previous generation was really lower down, 'in the trousers'.
In following the inherent patronage relations of 'Greek love', he helped to advance the careers of Richard Le Gallienne, John Gray, Charles Ricketts, and Aubrey Beardsley.
In the first and final chapters of her book, Genz provides some compelling biographical background, culled from various primary and secondary sources, concerning these three major players in the development of the Eragny Press--Lucien Pissarro, Esther Bensusan, and Charles Ricketts.
Among the highlights of the exhibition is a theatre design by Charles Ricketts, best remembered today for his illustrations of Oscar Wilde's work.
He was a friend of Charles Ricketts and Charles Shannon, who published his fiction in their literary magazine, The Dial.
A wonderful draughtsman, Rackham had a taste for the grotesque influenced by Aubrey Beardsley and Charles Ricketts, and his drawings clearly anticipate Walt Disney in their sense of threat and nightmare where anthropomorphic trunks have faces which twist menacingly into hideous smiles.
The two women maintained important relations, both personal and professional, with a number of gay men, particularly the artist couple Charles Ricketts and Charles Shannon.

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