Charles Wyville Thomson

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Thomson, Charles Wyville


Born Mar. 5,1830, at Bonsyde, near Linlithgow; died Mar. 10, 1882, at Bonsyde. Scottish oceanographer and biologist.

In 1868 and 1869, Thomson and the English biologist W. B. Carpenter led expeditions on the ships Lightning and Porcupine to study the depths of the sea and deep-sea fauna. From 1872 to 1876, Thomson headed the scientific staff of the oceanographic expedition that sailed around the world on the Challenger. The Wyville Thomson Ridge, an underwater mountain range separating the Atlantic Ocean basin from the Norwegian Sea, was named in Thomson’s honor.


The Depths of the Sea. London, 1873.
The Voyage of the Challenger, vols. 1–2. London, 1878.
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The discovery of many animals living in the abyssal environment by Sir Charles Wyville Thompson during HMS Challenger's 1872-1876 circumnavigation stunned the late 19th century scientific community fat more than we can now imagine.
Sir Charles Wyville Thompson would have been happy to know this!