Charley's Aunt

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Charley’s Aunt

man poses as a woman in order to get his pal out of a jam. [Br. Drama: Barnhart, 228]
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I admire Charlie's aunt very much, you know, and I think that she is a very useful and good person, but I don't think she would do as a wife for poor quiet papa.
Over at the Royal Court Tom Courtenay was starring in Charlie's Aunt.
Richard has just finished working in London's West End in Animal Crackers and will be playing the title role in comedy favourite Charlie's Aunt at the Swan Theatre in Worcester at the end of the month before Cinder- ella in December.
Gaslight, the Patrick Hamilton thriller, starts on April 21, and Charlie's Aunt, Brandon Thomas's capering farce, follows from June 2-13.
STAGE ATTRACTIONS: Eric Sykes (above) and (right) Nyree Dawn Porter, who will be appearing in comedy classic Charlie's Aunt and (left) Simon Williams, who will appear in The 39 Steps; COMING TO THE BELGRADE: Patrick Robinson (above) and (left) Simon Ward
And she is ready to put the final touches to her debut rock album Rancid, with the first single Charlie's Aunt out very soon.
Charlie's Aunt, Highbury Little Theatre, Sutton Coldfield (to Saturday).
True, I once had a small part in Charlie's Aunt (although Buckingham Palace has always denied this).
Charlie's Aunt, Oldbury Rep, Barlow Theatre, Langley (Nov 7-14).
Just recently Newcastle's Theatre Royal was home to a production of the Victorian farce Charlie's Aunt, during which actor Stephen Tomkinson spent much of his time bounding across the stage, dressed as the aforesaid aunt, declaring: "I come from Brazil.
Instead, he went to London, landed a role in the comedy Charlie's Aunt, and his career was under way.