Charley's Aunt

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Charley’s Aunt

man poses as a woman in order to get his pal out of a jam. [Br. Drama: Barnhart, 228]
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I admire Charlie's aunt very much, you know, and I think that she is a very useful and good person, but I don't think she would do as a wife for poor quiet papa.
Charlie's aunt and guardian, Jackie Ray, expressed grief on a GoFundMe page.
Charlie's aunt, Kelly, asked if her son, Frankie, aged three, could have a haircut after spotting his usual hairdresser in the stand.
Lisa-Jane Wood, claiming to be Charlie's aunt, said it was "heartbreaking", adding: "They never believed for a second he would go near the water as they'd already played in the water earlier that day.
Instead, he went to London, landed a role in the comedy Charlie's Aunt, and his career was under way.
Charlie's aunt, Sarah, said: "Charles was very special to me.
Shakespeare used it in Twelfth Night, Brandon Thomas in Charlie's Aunt and Noel Coward in Blithe Spirit.
The actor is currently back in his native North-east appearing in Charlie's Aunt in Newcastle, but he also took the chance to meet members of the refugee community.
Rosemary appeared in productions like Charlie's Aunt and The Merchant of Venice and spent 14 months on the Coventry stage.
Charlie's Aunt, Oldbury Rep, Barlow Theatre, Langley (Nov 7-14).
I think that Charlie's Aunt Beattie has a lot more faith in her little Willie than Mrs Windsor does in her number one son.