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Charlotte Elizabeth:

see Elizabeth Charlotte of BavariaElizabeth Charlotte of Bavaria,
1652–1722, German princess, called the Princess Palatine and also known as Charlotte Elizabeth; wife of Philippe I d'Orléans, brother of King Louis XIV. She abjured the Protestant faith before her marriage (1671).
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Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna, Irish Recollections (1841/47 as Personal Recollections), edited by Patrick Maume, 2004
Trollope and Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna, emphasized the social ills of
Focusing primarily on the Evangelical Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna, the High Church Charlotte M.
In 1843 the Quarterly Review, one of the leading English journals, referred to Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna as "a muslin divine.
Four years after her husband died in 1837, she married again and is thus known in the literature as Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna.
Here Krueger argues that women writers, and she concentrates on Hannah More, Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna, Elizabeth Gaskell, and George Eliot, appropriated interpretive and literary authority in order to convey a potentially disruptive message.

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