Chart Datum

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chart datum

[′chärt ‚dad·əm]

Chart Datum


the level to which sea depth soundings are reduced and from which the depths shown on charts are measured. In the USSR the established chart datum for tideless seas (the Baltic and Black seas, for example) and for lakes is the mean long-term level, and for seas with tides (the Sea of Okhotsk, Bering Sea) it is the lowest sea level, or the theoretical chart datum derived on the basis of sea level observation data. Various standard chart datums used in other countries for seas with tides correspond to the mean spring low-water level, the mean of all low-water levels, and the like.

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The project involves the following broad parameters: Provision of approximately 125 m Pier extension on the west side of the existing Dinish Pier; Provision of approximately 70 m Pier extension on the east side of the existing Dinish Pier; Provision of 8 m draft at Chart Datum in the vicinity of the Pier extensions.
This will require Capital Dredging to Chart Datum minus eleven (-11);
Tenders are invited for Dredging an area 20m x 15m below north end of q4 berth of cochin port trust as per the drawing attached to a depth of 4m below chart datum with a side slope of 1:6