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91) If so, this would help explain why the Gra's animus toward the Chasidim would be especially aroused at Passover.
The Chasidim, who after prayer might watch the synagogue's educational video on Polish Jews, have a smoke, and then videotape graves in the nearby Remu cemetery with their camcorders?
For example, Sefer Chasidim (at 234) rules accordingly that a father who asked his son to provide him with food or drink against medical instructions need not be obeyed.
In contrast to most Satmar chasidim, he had a finely trimmed goatee, and with his silver handled cane and black homburg, cut a stylish figure.
Both, for example, explain Chasidim (Haxidepai in Chinese) as "a sect which is against Talmud and promotes pantheism," among other things.
The reliance on "yikhes" ("Yihus" in Sherwin's transliteration, 93) led to nepotism, particularly among the Chasidim.
Aspects of Chasidic life in Eastern Europe are depicted, and the work dedicated to his mother consists of a meditative Vidui (contrition) section followed by Nigun (improvisation), and it ends with an illustration of Simchat Torah as the festival is celebrated by Chasidim.
Her publications include many essays and articles on the subject of Yiddish language use by contemporary Chasidim.
A few years ago, Syrian Defense Minister Field Marshal Mustafa Tlass signed a contract with Egyptian producer, Munir Radhi, to make a film based on Tlass's 1983 book, The Matzah of Zion, whose full-color cover is adorned with hook-nosed Chasidim draining the blood of a child.
His training as a young boy in the traditions of the Gerer Chasidim imprinted upon him a respect for Judaism and its texts, and there are numerous pages in his chronicle where he enriches the narrative with eminently suitable quotations from the Torah, the Talmud, and the writings of major Jewish thinkers.
Still, when they fought about Jews and Stalin, they hollered and shouted at each other with all the holy passion of the misnagdim against the Chasidim.
Dik's in-laws were staunch Chasidim, while Dik himself despised Chasidism, regarding it as a gross superstition, almost akin to idolatry.