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(chat roBOT) Software that provides a text or verbal interaction with a person using native language. Also called a "chatterbot," the chatbot is designed to emulate normal human responses. Chatbots can be very limited in scope, although they may be able to improve with use. The terms "chatbot" and "virtual assistant" are increasingly used synonymously; however, chatbots preceded virtual assistants and generally provide suggestions or answers to questions about a specific topic or product. Chatbots may also be embedded within an app or Web page, whereas virtual assistants such as Siri and Cortana are stand-alone, ask-anything programs. See virtual assistant, expert system and AI.

A chatbot may function as the first attempt at solving a problem but be able to suggest the user activate a live chat with a human sales or support rep.

The Loebner Prize
An annual contest for the most human-sounding chatbot was started in 1991 by Hugh Loebner with the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies in Massachusetts ( as the original sponsor. The text-based contest was set up to find the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system as defined by Alan Turing in the 1940s (see Turing test). See ALICE and AI.
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According to Gupta, since its inception, Rise's chat bot has handled over 2.5 million messages and is currently serving over 20,000 unique users each week.
It will be demonstrated alongside a host of other exhibits including Dubai Metro spare parts manufactured through 3D printing, AI-based automated Chat Bot system, Robotic Cleaners for Dubai Metro stations and a customer loyalty programme for Nol users.
SAS is developing features for different personas of a chat bot. "'We're figuring out which work best in conversations with these people," Beiser said.
From their founding sponsorship of TicToc by Bloomberg to the chat bot they are launching today, TD Ameritrade has been consistently innovating and using Twitter in unique ways to provide their customers with access to a breadth of real-time data and customer service."
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 15 (ANI): EarlySalary, India's first FinTech start-up to offer Instant Salary Advances and Short terms loans has tied up with India's leading Artificial Intelligence firm, to offer its customers a simple and easy to use chat bot to shop for products and services whilst using the EMI option.
Bing is experimenting with chat bots directly in search results, with monsoon Seattle as an example that brings up the restaurant's chat bot with the "Questions?
There will now be a special tab in Messenger to allow you to see a chat bot store that will show popular and trending bots.
The chat bot mimics a waiter taking an order and is able to answer questions and recommend items.
Last year's event in Chicago welcomed Richard Branson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashton Kutcher as keynote speakers, and saw Sage launch its accounting chat bot Pegg as well as partnerships with tech heavyweights like Salesforce and Microsoft.
At the April 2016 F8 event, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Messenger's new chat bot functionality, which the company's vice president for messaging, David Marcus, said represents the next step in the Internet's evolution, supplanting websites and apps (Hempel, 2016).
YES TAG app enables the chat bot to perform easy, anywhere and anytime banking.
The most path-breaking feature in the app is the artificially intelligent chat bot. Though, like quite a few other popular apps, DoneThing offers selective features of the chat bot as of now, but is in the process of inculcating all of its features soon.