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one of the pamphlets formerly sold in Europe and America by itinerant agents, or "chapmen." Chapbooks were inexpensive—in England often costing only a penny—and, like the broadside, they were usually anonymous and undated. The texts typically were similar to those of current tabloid newspapers and therefore reveal much about the popular taste of the 16th, 17th, and 18th cent. The term is occasionally used to refer to old manuscripts showing national character through the use of vernacular expressions.
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At Chatbooks, a Provo HQ was the best fit for most of our team, but we didn't want our Salt Lake City team dealing with long commutes five days a week.
"What we like to say is Chatbooks is like a subscription to your life," explains Angel Brockbank, director of support at Chatbooks.
The Chatbooks app works with a customer's Instagram feed.
One of the things we've really done at Chatbooks is try to create a strong cultural identity.
Prior to founding Chatbooks. Nate ran a JetBlue subsidiary and had witnessed the success of JetBlue's model of employing primarily women who work from home.
Nate and Vanessa Quigley look back on the early years of Chatbooks as the "wilderness years." They had invested their own funds to launch the company and hire a development team, and they went three years without a salary.
Chatbooks makes it a point to discuss their values often.
Chatbooks demonstrates their dedication to making their workplace attractive to women by integrating women-only interviews into their hiring process.
It's a situation Rachel Hofstetter, chief marketing officer of Chatbooks, has seen before.
But we spend more time trying to overlook unconscious biases that we have," says Rachel Hofstetter, chief marketing officer for Chatbooks. "We look at our processes to make sure they work for everyone."
A few years ago, when my husband Nate and I started dreaming up Chatbooks, we lived on the Florida coast.
By offering tax rebate incentives to companies that make capital investments in the state and create jobs, under the governorship of Gary Herbert, Utah is known and respected for welcoming a variety of businesses, from large corporations like eBay and Microsoft to burgeoning startups like Freshly Picked and Chatbooks.