Chatham Islands

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Chatham Islands,

island group, 385 sq mi (996 sq km), South Pacific, c.500 mi (800 km) E of New Zealand, to which it belongs. The two largest islands are Chatham Island, which has a large central lagoon, and Pitt Island. The chief town is Waitangi, on Chatham Island. The inhabitants engage mainly in sheep raising and fishing. The islands were visited by the British in 1791. The native Moriori population was nearly exterminated when Maoris from New Zealand invaded in 1835.
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The Chatham Islands is three quarters of an hour ahead of mainland New Zealand time, and she has to order $700 worth of groceries at a time, then wait for them to arrive by ship from New Zealand.
"There was no likelihood of being able to successfully save the remaining whale," said DoC's Chatham Islands operations manager, Dave Carlton.
The Snares and Chatham Islands were discovered in 1791, by George Vancouver in HMS Discovery and his escort Capt.
The evening also featured the unveiling of a documentary film introduced by Songhees Elder Joan Morris (see her profile on page 27) which expressed her powerful personal ties to the nearby Chatham Islands.
The Chatham Islands a small group of islands about 750 km east of the South Island and home to about 600 people was put under the state of emergency on Monday as emergency services battled a spate of rural fires and the cyclone bore down on the community.
Some of the easternmost corners of earth, including Samoa, Kiribati and the Chatham Islands of New Zealand, were the first places to herald the new year.--BBC R.H.
Others chose to stay at home and watch the celebrations as they occurred throughout the world, with the Chatham Islands, Tonga, Fiji and Kiribati experiencing the new millennium first at 1000 GMT, whilst the people of Samoa celebrated 25 hours later as the millennium arrived there last.
Beginning in 1849, lawyer Adam Ewing (Jim Sturgess) discovers a slave stowed aboard a ship bound for America from the Chatham Islands.
Rating: CLOUD ATLAS (15) IN 1849, lawyer Adam Ewing (Jim Sturgess) discovers a slave called Autua (David Gyasi) stowed aboard a ship bound for America from the Chatham Islands.
In 1849, lawyer Adam Ewing (Sturgess) discovers a slave called Autua (David Gyasi) stowed aboard a ship bound for America from the Chatham Islands.
In line with the New Zealand Chatham Islands Focus survey (Ministry of Health, 2005), the sampling structure was designed to sample as many members of the Stewart Island usually-resident population as possible.
The concentrations of selected trace metals were measured in commercially harvested New Zealand scallop species: Chlamys delicatula (queen scallop) from the Otago Coastal Shelf and Pecten novaezelandiae (dredge scallop) collected from 6 sites around the South Island, New Zealand (Titirangi Bay, Collingwood, Milford Sound, Breaksea Sound, Paterson Inlet, and the Chatham Islands).

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