Chatham Islands

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Chatham Islands,

island group, 373 sq mi (966 sq km), South Pacific, c.500 mi (800 km) E of New Zealand, to which it belongs. The two largest islands are Chatham Island, which has a large central lagoon, and Pitt Island. The chief town is Waitangi, on Chatham Island. The inhabitants engage mainly in sheep raising and fishing. The islands were explored by Britons in 1791. The native Moriori population was nearly exterminated when Maoris from New Zealand invaded after 1832.
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Chatham Islands Mayor Alfred Preece said in a statement Thursday that the cyclone has passed and the last remaining wildfire on the islands remains contained.
The Chatham Island Focus survey (vi) included questions from the New Zealand Health survey, undertaken every three years, and given that the Chatham Islands are remote and health services different from the rest of NZ, questions were added to determine local health service acceptability and use.
novaezelandiae were collected by scallop dredge between July and October 1998 by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries, from five coastal areas close to New Zealand and also from the Chatham Islands (Fig.
People from the remote Chatham Islands in the far West, to those in Egypt, India and Australia, took part.
The occurrence of at least five Snares Penguins in the Chatham Islands in January and February 2003 was considered exceptional (Miskelly and Bell 2004, Miskelly et al.
Islands in the Pacific were the first on the international dateline to welcome 2010, with the tiny nation of Kiribati followed by the Chatham Islands, Fiji and Tonga.
Growing on the Chatham Islands, this species, Pseudopanax chathamicus, never had moa to menace its foliage and doesn't show the same defenses, the researchers report.
To prove that these defences were linked to the presence of moa, the team compared Araliaceae leaves to samples from a similar species of tree, P chathamicus, from the Chatham Islands, which are 800 kilometres east of New Zealand.
For, in ways that become clear in the unfolding pictures and narrative, the Chatham Islands are and are not part of New Zealand.
The world will go dark on Saturday night beginning from New Zealand's remote Chatham Islands and then spreading to thousands of cities, towns, and landmarks in observance of Earth Hour.
A collection of tightly-packed cabins decorated with nets and buoys used by its fishermen, it claims tongue-in-cheek to be the most densely settled community in the Chatham Islands.
Spot to Air in The Chatham Islands, Ground Zero For the New Millennium

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