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According to Chaves County Sheriff's Office, the twister touched down around 6 p.m.
Energy company Petrolia Energy Corporation (OTCBB:BBLS) reported on Thursday that it has acquired a 25% working interest (WI) position in Twin Lakes San Andres Unit, a long producing oil and gas property in the Permian Basin, in Chaves County, NM.
This 4 x 5in picture was said to have been taken at Chaves County, New Mexico, in 1878.
On 20 April 2011, SRD collected a live Pecos bluntnose shiner (Notropis simus pecosensis, 59-mm standard length) in the Pecos River near the confluence of Willow Creek, Chaves County, New Mexico, with a large, major-worker, carpenter ant (Camponotus vicinus; width of head, 3.4 mm) lodged in its throat.
Finally, a place called Bosque Draw, north of Acme and northeast of Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico, gave up, late last year, a number of vaguely extraterrestrial-looking pyrite specimens, mostly of small-cabinet size.
United Heritage Corporation (NASDAQ:UHCP), Cleburne, Texas, has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, UHC New Mexico Corporation has completed an initial phase of its remedial work program designed to begin returning idle wells to production in preparation for waterflood operations in the Cato San Andres Unit located in Chaves County, New Mexico.
In 2000, a total of 92,672 hectares was surveyed on 26 transects located from north of US380 in Chaves County to south of NM128 in Eddy and Lea counties; this included 740 sites along 579 km of transects.
The species coexist in small, geographically isolated springs at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Chaves County in southeastern New Mexico.
They are found at two sites in Chaves County, New Mexico, one site in Pecos County, Texas, and one site in Reeves County, Texas.
Roswell-Artesia: Chaves County and the northern half of Eddy County.
Roswell, the first runner up in the above category, was selected for its "Chaves County Institute for Cultural University, Breaking Down the Barriers: Cultural Sensitivity in New Mexico" which seeks to celebrate the traditions and values of each culture represented in the community by fostering acceptance of diverse viewpoints, by building self esteem and pride in, cultural traditions and by building a commitment to civic responsibility by way of equipping participants with skills and knowledge for effective community service.