an urban-type settlement and the administrative center of Chechel’nik Raion, Vinnitsa Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Chechel’nik is situated on the Savranka River, a tributary of the Iuzhnyi Bug. It is the rail terminus of a spur from the Rudnitsa-Gaivoron line. Chechel’nik has a sugar combine, a distilling plant, a mixed-feed plant, a brickyard, and an industrial combine.

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Esta escritora nacida lejos, en Chechelnik, Ucrania, en 1920, fue hija de judios rusos que decidieron emigrar a America escapando de persecuciones religiosas.
He highlights how Lispector referred to her birth in Chechelnik, Ukraine, as no more than a stop her parents made on the way to exile either in Brazil or the United States.
On this trip I was looking for the origins of Clarice Lispector, the greatest Brazilian writer of the twentieth century, born Chaya in the tiny town of Chechelnik, not far from Uman, in 1920.
Then you would have to drive another several dozen kilometers down bumpy back roads with almost no signs, inquiring of the bored populace at every intersection, except when the intersection was in the middle of a field and there was no bored populace to be found, in which case you would have to guess, until you at last stumbled upon Chechelnik.