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(US), checker
any of the marbles, pegs, or other pieces used in the game of Chinese chequers


One of the squares in a checkered pattern, which is contrasted to its neighbor by color or texture; often only two of the effects are alternated, similar to a chessboard.

checker, chequer

One of the squares in a check pattern, contrasted to its neighbors by color or texture; often only two effects are alternated, as in a chessboard. Also see diaper.
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Checker automobiles were designed for extreme duty and meant to last 250,000 miles.
The checkers help Crismond by grouping the products that should be bagged together in the same area on the counter.
Games such as chess, checkers, and Go are, in principle, solvable, and a computer could be programmed to play a perfect game.
Moreover, the solution does not require the "side files" generated by the synthesis tool, which often are not even validated by equivalence checkers.
In this case, because a checker presents one or the other of these alternative pairings randomly and repeats the process a few dozen times, the program has a negligible chance of "guessing" correctly and supplying the appropriate answer each and every time.
We are delighted that our 3-D Wire Bond Checker has been recognized by Advanced Packaging for its innovation in the design of complex, 3-D packaging.
Unlike traditional sensors, there's no limit to the number of part features that a single Checker can inspect.
The lack of checker knowledge was our bottleneck for the first six months," Schaeffer says.
Users can download the free checker and a demo version of NSCa at www.
We've introduced the Health Checker for CVS in order to provide a mechanism to identify these inconsistencies so they can be corrected.
Crime Stoppers of Michigan salutes Checker Cab for taking the initiative to help empower citizens to participate in reducing crime in their community," explained John Broad, President of Crime Stoppers.
Chubby Checker is not only an icon of the music industry, but he is also a true business visionary," says Rick Durand, president, Durand Media Group (DMG).