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(US), checker
any of the marbles, pegs, or other pieces used in the game of Chinese chequers
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One of the squares in a checkered pattern, which is contrasted to its neighbor by color or texture; often only two of the effects are alternated, similar to a chessboard.
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checker, chequer

One of the squares in a check pattern, contrasted to its neighbors by color or texture; often only two effects are alternated, as in a chessboard. Also see diaper.
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Though, prior researches suggest that symptom checkers may be less effective than physicians in diagnostic accuracy for now, (5) to conclude the superiority of doctors to symptom checkers might be overhasty.
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Checker's legal team is seeking half a billion dollars from HP, contending that the penis-size app did not just infringe on his trademark, but also violated the Communications Decency Act (CDA).
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