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(US), checker
any of the marbles, pegs, or other pieces used in the game of Chinese chequers


One of the squares in a checkered pattern, which is contrasted to its neighbor by color or texture; often only two of the effects are alternated, similar to a chessboard.

checker, chequer

One of the squares in a check pattern, contrasted to its neighbors by color or texture; often only two effects are alternated, as in a chessboard. Also see diaper.
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Contact: Mike Barnard, Yellow Checker Cab, phone 210-650-8600, e-mail
The soap-opera stuff nowadays appears right there on the front page of the New York Times, updated every three hours on the Drudge Report, and sold the next day to HBO, but I like to think of Forrester still driving his Checker cab in hostile territory (possibly on an Indian reservation or somewhere in his native Tennessee), a heroic American paranoid in the great tradition that encompasses the whispering in Richard Nixon's White House, Ronald Reagan's theory of a "Star Wars" missile defense, Oliver Stone's movies, the citizens of the Aryan Nations in Idaho, and the confidentiality agreement that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman require of their servants (the cook, the gardener, the secretaries) as a condition of their employment.
Buck, who runs Checker Cab and the local Greyhound Bus agency and has interests in various retail businesses, brings a computer programming background to this venture.
The completed bodies were shipped to a former Checker cab assembly plant in Detroit, where Chrysler employees installed the latest version of the turbine.
The iconic yellow taxi is a timeless component of the city's identity that has been brought to life in popular culture--just look at the classic yellow Checker cabs in films such as Taxi Driver and Breakfast at Tiffany's, TV shows such as Taxi and Friends, and songs such as Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi.
Checker Cabs has sent home almost all of its drivers since UK airspace was closed on Thursday after Eyjafjallajokull began spewing lava and ash last month.
The vintage red-and-white Checker cabs circled the city awarding free rides during the promotional period.
NEW YORK--A small fleet of jaunty water taxis, 53-foot catamarans painted yellow with a checkerboard strip reminiscent of Manhattan's old Checker cabs, has begun to ply the waters daily between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Cops In Cabs is a new crime prevention programme that puts undercover police officers in yellow Checker cabs.
Seeking its first provincial licence, UPS endured what Franks calk "the longest, most costly regulatory battle in the history of the Ontario trucking industry." But UPS is nothing if not determined, so, in 1975, with two brown Checker cabs, the firm began to expand operations beyond the U.S.