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The intense courses of treatments across the globe saw part of Samuel's cheek bone being replaced by bone from his hip.
As well as the fractured cheek bone, Mr Bird suffered bruising and soft tissue damage during his ordeal.
The court found that the officers who took no part in a doctor's decision to remove a bullet from the arrestee's jaw but not to treat a fracture of his right cheek bone, could not be held vicariously liable for the doctor's conduct.
Walton and his friends circled the block and followed the Accord to the parking lot of a local bakery, where Walton jumped out and, ignoring the driver's plea to stay back, struck the man in the face, fracturing a cheek bone.
A MAN was taken to hospital after suffering a fractured cheek bone and eye socket following an attack in a city bar.
A MAN was taken to hospital suffering from a fractured cheek bone and eye socket following an assault in Newcastle city centre.
When the man came round, he discovered that had sustained a broken cheek bone, two black eyes and bruising to his throat and arm.
He was taken to the University Hospital, Coventry, where he was treated for a fractured cheek bone and an eye injury.
He was aged over 40, with olive skin and a mole on the right side of his face, near his cheek bone.
Home office pathologist Brian Rodgers told Liverpool crown court such a fracture to the area below the cheek bone would have taken "significant force".
The victim, a 30-year-old man, sustained a fractured cheek bone after being assaulted.
The off-duty trainee policeman suffered multiple fractures to his skull, a fractured eye socket and a fractured cheek bone.