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see YantaiYantai
or Chefoo
, city (1994 est. pop. 791,000), N Shandong prov., China. Shandong's largest fishing port, it has a variety of light industries. The city also has fruit orchards, and wine and brandy are produced. Yantai was opened to foreign trade in 1862.
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, China.
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(Yent’ai), a city and port in East China, in Shantung Province; situated on the Yellow Sea. Population, more than 150,000 (1975, estimate). A branch line from Lants’un links Che-foo with the Chinan-Ch’ingtao railroad. The most important industry in the city is food processing, including the production of flour, vegetable oil, and canned goods. Other industries include metallurgy, ship repair, and the manufacture of electrical equipment, instruments, machine tools, paper, and textiles. The city also has cottage industries and serves as a base for fishermen. Chefoo is a health resort. Iron ore is mined in the vicinity.

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Also a pupil at Chefoo was Joyce's brother Brian, who was two years younger, and although the boys' and girls' schools were kept separate, the siblings made sure they maintained close contact.
After the 1876 Chefoo Convention between China and Great Britain that established Wenzhou as a treaty port, foreign ships began stopping at Wenzhou.
28, 60) and played a key role in the Chefoo negotiations (pp.
THE ANGLO-CHINESE Opium Wars of 1839-42 and 1856-60, and the later Cold War that resulted in the 1876 Chefoo Convention, were doctrinal in origin.
Russell, wife of the Watch Tower Society's first president, from an individual with the initials "C.B.D." She described herself as a missionary in Chefoo (Yantai), China, and thanked Mrs.
The result was that the neighboring international treaty port of Chefoo (Zhefu), open on equal terms to the trade of all nations, eclipsed Weihaiwei (as it probably would have even had the railway been constructed and continues to do so even today).(28) Merchants with a stake in the leased territory were wary about expanding their investments given the climate of uncertainty over the duration of British occupation.
Started in 1898 and finalized in 1901 the Board formally divided its China operation into four separate entities: South China Mission in Canton, Central China Mission in Shanghai, North China Mission in Chefoo (Yantai), and Interior China Mission in Kaifeng.
The first section outlines her childhood memories of growing up in China, including her education at the Chefoo school where she was a year behind Eric Liddell (of Chariots of Fire fame).
Begun in 1892 on the hill slopes behind the Shandong treaty port of Chefoo (Yantai), the Chang Yu Pioneer Wine Company was one of the first Chinese enterprises to produce and market an ostensibly Western line of consumer products.
At the time Joyce was a boarding pupil at the Chefoo School in North Eastern China and, when the Japanese army overtook huge swathes of the country and joined the Second World War, they interned the Westerners already living there in camps.
Back in China I fell into the harbor of Chefoo (now Yantai) while playing on the ice and almost lost my life with pneumonia.