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Thus, for example, in 1937 city soviets in Gorky and Cheliabinsk handed over some of Narkomvnutorg's child care facilities to municipal health departments to use as children's hospitals.
Under the agreement, Honeywell will develop financing requirements and strategies to improve district heating systems in Kostroma and Cheliabinsk.
Defense chiefs of CSTO members states will meet at the military training ground in Cheliabinsk region of Russia tomorrow, where large scale exercises will be held.
According to Luzhkov's estimations, 5-7 percent of Ob watercourse will supply 5 drought-ridden regions of Russia - Kurgan, Orenburg, Cheliabinsk, Tumen and Omsk.
Kambar Pusurov, Chair of Kyrgyz Diaspora in Cheliabinsk Oblast, Russia 34.