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1. a former British and Australian silver or cupronickel coin worth one twentieth of a pound: not minted in Britain since 1970
2. the standard monetary unit of Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda: divided into 100 cents
3. an old monetary unit of the US varying in value in different states
4. Scot an indication of the strength and character of a beer, referring to the price after duty that was formerly paid per barrel



(1) A British coin and monetary unit in use until the decimal monetary system was introduced in February 1971; equal to 12 pence, or 1/20 pound sterling. Shillings were minted in silver until 1946 and in a copper-nickel alloy until 1971. They circulated in British colonies and in the countries of the Commonwealth, including Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, where they constituted 1/20 of the local monetary unit.

(2) The monetary unit of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda since 1966 and of Somalia since 1960; equal to 100 cents. According to the rate of exchange set by the State Bank of the USSR in January 1978,100 Somalian shillings = 11.37 rubles.

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The plot flows into a series of multiple-triangled love affairs (Min Hyeung and Chelin versus Min Hyeung and Yujin; Yujin and Sang Hyuk versus Yujin and Min Hyeung; and even Yujin and Min Hyeung versus Yujin and memories of his former incarnation, Joon Sang).
In Winter Sonata, these are apparent in the trendy night spots in Seoul where the characters go for dinners or drinks; the boutique run by Chelin along with the designer, party, and evening clothes it features; the restaurants with chic interiors; the sophisticated, large-scale department stores; and Min Hyeung's swanky Seoul apartment decor.
En la entrada del o de mayo de 1668, el ardiente don Samuel registra un furtivo encuentro con una amable senorita que renta su virtud en un chelin.
En un documento titulado Hacia una moneda comun para Norteamerica, el catedratico Thomas Courchene, de la Queen's University, de Kingston, Ontario, explica que el chelin austriaco y el guilder neerlandes ya tenian "vinculos de paridad fija respecto del marco aleman antes de que se diera algun paso hacia la integracion europea".
Chelin and John can turn a bucket of chicken wings into a picnic in the park.
Un cafe vienes va a mantener el chelin austriaco como moneda de cambio para sus clientes mientras viva su actual dueno.
Aumentaba deudas, raramente encontraba un dolar, mas seguido un medio dolar o simplemente un chelin.