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(channel associated signaling) in-band signalling.


(1) (Channel Associated Signaling) Carrying signaling information within the data channels of a T1 line (in band) rather than on a separate control channel. CAS signaling is also used to carry 911 emergency data such as telephone number and location information. Contrast with CCS.

(2) (Column Address Strobe) A clock signal in a memory chip used to pinpoint the column of a particular bit in a row-column matrix. See RAS.

(3) (Content Addressed Storage) A storage technique from EMC that assigns an identifier to fixed content. See content addressed storage.

(4) (Communications Application Specification) A programming interface from Intel and DCA for activating functions in fax/modems. Introduced in 1988, Intel provides both the boards and the chips. CAS has not been widely used.
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