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Two M1135 Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicles, also known as Strykers, belonging to the 95th Chemical Company, U.
In the field of Safe Environment which was a competition on nuclear, biological, and chemical reconnaissance, each team searched for radioactive sources and conducted decontamination.
Our readiness spans from the training, health, and welfare of our young Dragon Soldiers to the operational readiness rates of our Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBCRV), which plays a vital role in what Dragon Soldiers are here for: supporting the warfighter; increasing CBRN readiness; and building capability and capacity.
However, in reality, the BEB consistently conducts additional tasks beyond its functional role of providing engineer coordination for combined arms maneuver; countermobility and survivability; and the requisite military intelligence, signal, and chemical reconnaissance support to the BCT.
In June 2015, Kuwait placed an order for 12 nuclear, biological, and chemical reconnaissance vehicles from Germany-based Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles.
Kevin Fritz, Obscuration and Nonlethal Engineering Branch Chief, displays a Chemical Reconnaissance Explosive Screening Set (CRESS) that shows a positive present of Nitrate, an ingredient for making explosives, in Edgewood, Md.
Nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance units will compete during the Safe Environment contest and engineering troops will vie in the fields of the Safe Route.
Chemical reconnaissance is the most important component of chemical protection aimed at reducing the effect of chemical weapons; its goal is the early detection of chemical warfare agents, their species and the extent of atmospheric and ground pollution.
With a wide variety of platforms that include seven Stryker variants--command vehicle (CV), nuclear biological chemical reconnaissance vehicle (NBCRV), reconnaissance vehicle (RV), anti-tank guided missile vehicle (ATGM), fire support vehicle (FSV), mortar carrier vehicle (MCV), and engineer squad vehicle (ESV), some with and most without stabilized remote weapon systems (RWS)--finding the right gunnery manual was the first challenge.
The Army also expects in FY 2012 to upgrade 21 Abrams tanks to M1-A2 vehicles, and to convert 100 Strykers into nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance vehicles.
The Cobra can be configured for various missions including personnel carrier with a capacity for up to 13 personnel, reconnaissance, nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance, command and control, explosive ordnance disposal, communications, ambulance and platform for weapons such as .
The Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicles, or NBCRV, are the newest members of the Stryker family of tracked combat trucks.

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