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The post Indonesia to use chemical castration to punish paedophiles -- Attorney General appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Chemical castration supposes injection of pedophiles with hormones several months prior to their release to shut down sex drive.
Reports said that chemical castration that reduces circulating testosterone to very low levels could be reversed by not taking the drugs.
The scholar added that he opted offenders to undergo chemical castration because it seems that it has a potent effect on offenders.
The debate over forced chemical castration was revived earlier this month by the rape and murder of a woman by a suspected re-offender.
He told a probation officer that he was willing to volunteer himself for surgical or chemical castration.
The tough measures are among a raft of new moves, including voluntary chemical castration,which have been approved by the Government.
Some jurisdictions have sought to impose chemical castration as a condition for participation in the community, and one American state, Texas, favors outpatient civil commitment to the exclusion of its inpatient counterpart.
Under a tough new pilot scheme announced by former Home Secretary John Reid in June, sex offenders in England face a number of strict new measures including chemical castration to stop them offending.
The beast also offered to undergo chemical castration in a bid to get a softer sentence - but the offer was declined.
Perhaps they would like chemical castration if anyone buys cigarettes or instant torture and death if they light up in the street.
Giving cautions for sexual offences involving children is a disgrace and has no place in a country where chemical castration should be used to treat these scum.