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see autotrophautotroph
, in biology, an organism capable of synthesizing its own organic substances from inorganic compounds. Autotrophs produce their own sugars, lipids, and amino acids using carbon dioxide as a source of carbon, and ammonia or nitrates as a source of nitrogen.
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Chemotrophic nature of the bacteria was confirmed by inoculating and incubating them in the minimal medium, where no growth was recorded upto 96 hrs.
There are several types of thermophilic microbial mats e.g., those of cyanobacteria, anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria, and chemotrophic sulfur bacteria, which differ according to the physical and chemical conditions they favour and other environmental factors [1].
These cercariae seem to have a chemotrophic reaction to secretions from the skin and are not as host-specific as other types of schistosomes.