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Chen Shui-bian

(chŭn shwā-byän), 1951–, Taiwanese political leader, president of Taiwan (2000–2008). Born into poverty, he obtained his law degree from National Taiwan Univ. in 1975 and practiced as a maritime lawyer. During the 1980s he became involved in the dissident movement against the long-ruling KuomintangKuomintang
[Chin.,=national people's party] (KMT), Chinese and Taiwanese political party. Sung Chiao-jen organized the party in 1912, under the nominal leadership of Sun Yat-sen, to succeed the Revolutionary Alliance.
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 (KMT; Nationalist party), entering politics as a Taipei city councilor in 1981. In 1987 Chen joined the newly legalized opposition Democratic Progressive party (DPP), quickly becoming a leader of the group. He won a legislative seat in 1989 and later (1994–98) served as mayor of Taipei.

In 2000 he was elected president in a three-way race, succeeding Lee Teng-huiLee Teng-hui
, 1923–, Taiwanese agricultural economist and politician, president of Taiwan (1988–2000). Born in Taiwan when it was ruled by Japan, he was educated at Kyoto Imperial, Iowa State, and Cornell universities.
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 and ending more than 50 years of KMT rule. The DPP did not control the legislature, however, restricting Chen's ability to enact reforms. Chen had long called for Taiwan's formal independence from China, a step the mainland has said would lead to military action, but moderated his position prior to the campaign. The issue, nonetheless, remained a source of tension with China, as Chen has continued to support such a move during his terms president.

Chen was reelected in 2004; in the final days of the campaign he was wounded in an apparent assassination attempt that opposition leaders accused him of staging. In the second half of 2006 a series of corruption accusations and indictments against Chen and his family led KMT legislators to attempt to remove Chen from office three times, but each time the party failed to achieve the two-thirds vote required to do so. Chen resigned as DPP party leader in Jan., 2008, when the KMT won a landslide victory in the legislative elections. Beginning in Dec., 2008, after Chen had left office, he and his wife were indicted on corruption charges, and were convicted and sentenced on several corruption and other charges in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

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Como es analizado en el libro, dicha polarizacion se vio reflejada en los procesos electorales nacionales y locales de Taiwan durante los dos periodos presidenciales consecutivos de Chen Shuibian (2000-2008), en especial durante su campana de reeleccion en 2004 (cap.
With new elections for parliament scheduled in December, President Chen Shuibian is likely to boost his party's chances for controlling parliament by becoming more strident on independence.
During his campaign, Chen Shuibian wooed the environmental community by openly opposing the Meinung Dam and Nuclear Power Plant No.
ON THE EVE OF THE VICTORY of opposition candidate Chen Shuibian in Taiwan's March presidential election, there were jitters aplenty.
And a key to it all is the much underestimated Chen Shuibian himself.
Chen Shuibian, former Mayor of Taipei, ousted in this round of mayoral elections, has also talked about using negotiations instead of confrontation, stating that he is willing to undertake the journey of dialogue between the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait for the sake of achieving peace.
On September 19, 2006, one of the political protests that have been roiling Taiwan cities in recent weeks turned violent when supporters of President Chen Shuibian in Kaohsiung city clashed with anti-Chen protestors.
Muchos elementos explican el exito de la formula presentada por el Partido Democrata Progresista, de Chen Shuibian a la presidencia y Annette Lu a la vicepresidencia.
Por su parte, el presidente electo Chen Shuibian ha moderado significativamente sus opiniones con relacion a la reunificacion, en sus primeras entrevistas ha anunciado su disposicion a viajar a Beijing antes de ocupar la presidencia el proximo 20 de mayo y ha definido su postura como de "conciliacion activa, para reducir la tension.