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see KhufuKhufu
or Cheops
, fl. c.2680 B.C., king of ancient Egypt, founder of the IV dynasty. He was king for 23 years and was famous as the builder of the greatest pyramid at Giza.
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original name Khufu. Egyptian king of the fourth dynasty (?2613--?2494 bc), who built the largest pyramid at El Gîza


A satellite-based batch data dissemination project between CERN and member state institutes.
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Professor Faba also had in his possession a text dating back to 4,415 BC with the account by one S'l-y Wa-Ankh-Are, who was said to have been a farmer who had a plot of land where the Cheops Pyramid now stands.
Launching in 2017, or possibly earlier, Cheops (CHARACTERISING EXOPlanets Satellite) will target nearby, bright stars already known to have planets orbiting around them.
As regards the Cheops mission, which will operate in a low-Earth orbit at an altitude of 800 kilometres and has a planned mission lifetime of threeand-a-half years, Mr Pollacco said getting the ESA go-ahead out of 26 proposals submitted, was a major achievement and admitted it "took them by surprise".
The reliability and validity of a modified CHEOPS pain score.
archaeologist when he was conducting excavations at the western side of Cheops
Erol Rizaov from Utrinski vesnik says that the dirtiest pre-election campaign has gone underway with a great sin and loss of lives, while Skopje 2014 is turning into the pyramid of Cheops in which aside from the pharaoh there will also be his servants to help him on the other side.
Not only does he seem here to underestimate the distance between the Pharaohs' Egypt and the Christian Middle Ages, he is close to legitimizing the slave labor and the pain imposed on the innumerable and unknown Egyptians forced to build funerary monuments for Cheops, Khafre, and other political leaders.
For 150 years Egyptologists have maintained that the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza was the IVth Dynasty pharaoh Khufu, called Cheops by the Greeks.
The Pyramids and Nile Cruise begins in Cairo, where clients will stay on the bank of the Nile River in the Ramses Hilton or Cairo Sheraton hotel and visit the Pyramids of Cheops and Chephren, which have stood for 46 centuries, and the Sphinx.
Mas que las rayas del tigre, el manuscrito Voynich o la Piramide de Cheops, la Guia Roji puede esconder el verdadero nombre de Dios, o la solucion a la teoria del campo unificado.
In describing the Great Pyramid, he retails an anecdote that Cheops financed its construction by prostituting his daughter, and this is the part of the account that most interests Archer, since it feeds into the discourse of sexuality surrounding Cleopatra.