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an urban-type settlement in Suvorov Raion, Tula Oblast, RSFSR. Cherepet’ is situated on the Cherepet’ River, a tributary of the Oka. It has a railroad station on the Tula-Kozel’sk line. The settlement has enterprises of the railroad industry.

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The chondrichthyan teeth and scales were found from the drill cores in the Lower Devonian, Emsian Vitebsk Regional Stage; the Middle Devonian, Eifelian Gorodok and Kostyukovichi regional stages and the Givetian Polotsk Regional Stage; the Upper Devonian, Famennian Kuzmichi, Drozdy, Petrikov, Starobin and Borovoe regional stages; the Lower Carboniferous, Lower Tournaisian Malevka, Upa and Cherepet regional stages (see Table 1).
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eight glacial epochs (Pokrovka, Devitsa, Don, Oka, Kaluga, Zhizdra, Dnieper, Valdai) and nine interglacials (Petropavlovka, Gremychie, Semiluki, Muchkap, Likhvin, Chekalin, Cherepet', Mikulino, and the Holocene), which are represented either as complete climatic rhythms of glacial and interglacial rank, or as considerable portions of climatic-phytocoenotic phases--constituents of the rhythm (Bolikhovskaya 1995, 2004).