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the Adyg population of Karachai-Cherkess Autonomous Oblast, including the descendants of the Kabardins who settled in the Kuban’ in the first third of the 19th century. According to the 1979 census the Cherkess number 46,500; they speak Kabarda-Cherkess, which belongs to the Abkhazo-Adyg group of the Caucasian languages.

As a general designation for Adygs, the term “Cherkess” appeared in written sources in the 13th century and was used in Russian texts until the first years of Soviet power. Inhabitants of mountainous regions of the Caucasus—including Adygs, Abkhazians, and Ossets—settled in Turkey in the 19th century. The descendants of these settlers also call themselves Cherkess, or Circassians; today they live in such Middle Eastern countries as Turkey and Syria and number approximately 150,000. In foreign sources the ethnonym “Circassians” is still used to refer to all Adygs.


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He thinks that the failure of the "Soviet project to create a separate Adighe, Kabardian and Cherkess identity," "ethnic solidarity of the Circassians in the 14th and 15th century Mamluk Empire," and "survival of Circassian ethnic identity in various Circassian diasporas since the 1860s, despite subjection to the nationalizing policies of the states in which they found themselves" demonstrate that the ethno-symbolist theory of nation explains the Circassian case better (p.
It is worth mentioning that in previous years Jordan had also submitted Captain Abu Raed by Amin Matalqa and Cherkess by Mohyeddin Qandour for the same category.
Thus, in 1705, the clerk Danila Ignat'ev syn Savishchev signed a contract with "the Cherkess Ivan Mel'nik" and promised him a "fifth share of the revenue.
The official Soviet bureaucracy defined them as Adyghean, Cherkess, Kabardian and Shapsough depending on their place of residence and the dialect of the Circassian language spoken.
the Karachai and Balkars are ethnically close, as are the Karbardins and Cherkess.
Also, he said, oit is very evident that if we, the Turks, Kurds, Cherkess, and, in fact, all ethnic and religious collectives of Turkey do not sincerely confront our recent history, we will not be able to resolve the human rights issues.
Levi-Strauss analysis depends on the findings among Cherkess of the Causassus and Natives of Trobriand.
tunae > D tunoe, I tyn "cloth, length of cloth worn by a Cherkess woman" (cf.
Another type of entanglement is represented by the extensive migrations (both voluntary and forced) between the empires, especially by Christian subjects of the sultan (Armenians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbs, Rumanians) to the Caucasus, southern Russia, and Ukraine, and by Muslim subjects of the tsar (Crimean Tatars, Cherkess, Chechens, and others) to various parts of the Ottoman Empire.
Tomorrow the Cherkess [Circassians] and the Laz will want the same right.
At its start, the jurisdiction of the Caucasus Mountain Administration and of military-civil administration covered Dagestan and Zakatal in the northeastern Caucasus, Terskaia oblast in the central Caucasus (which included Chechnya and Ingushetia), and Sukhumskii otdel (Abkhazia) and Kubanskaia oblast in the northwestern Caucasus (which covered the Adygei and Cherkess regions, stretching all the way north to the Azov Sea).