Cherokee Outlet

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Cherokee Outlet:

see Cherokee StripCherokee Strip
or Cherokee Outlet,
a narrow piece of land in N Oklahoma. Bounded on the north by the Kansas border, it has an area of more than 6 million acres (2.4 million hectares).
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According to Turner, "Countless individuals were injured in the frantic (Cherokee Outlet) races following the starting guns or when mobs fought to board the trains or individuals jumped from the trains as they neared town sites."
As towns such as Ponca City and Blackwell sprang from the Oklahoma prairie within hours, cheating Sooners snatched many of the best claims, and most of those daring Boomers who made the Cherokee Outlet Run did not even get land.
Thus, when the tribal council liquidated the common property of the tribe, as in the case of the Cherokee Outlet, the monetary payments could not be restricted to a particular class of Cherokee citizens, such as those by blood (Nero, Plaintiff's Statement 1984).
While focusing on intruders, Sober does not neglect other aspects of Cherokee history, especially the sale of the Cherokee Outlet lands, in which the Cherokees were forced to sell that land to the government at a rate much lower than the value.