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, formerly spelled Sebastopol, city (1989 pop. 355,000), on the Crimean peninsula and the Bay of Sevastopol, an inlet of the Black Sea. From 1954 part of Ukraine (then the Ukrainian SSR), it passed to Russian control in 2014 after the occupation and annexation of
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, Ukraine.
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Four of these were Crimean museums--the Tavrida Central Museum in Simferopol, the Kerch Historical and Cultural Preserve in Kerch, the Bakhchisaray History and Culture State Preserve of the Republic of Crimea in Bakhchisaray and the National Preserve of 'Tauric Chersonesos' in Sabastopol--and there was one museum in Kiev, the National Museum of History.
Plautius Silvanus, Tauric Chersonesos and classis Moesia.' Dacia 50:85-92.
In particular, historians such as Makarii Bulgakov (1816-1882) argued that Crimea had been part of the Apostle Andrew's missionary territory, and even more importantly as the place of Prince Vladimir's conversion in the tenth century (in Chersonesos), thereby making it the "cradle of Russian Christianity." These arguments were bolstered not just by textual evidence but also archeology--and Kozelsky notes that many Russians at the time "perceived science and religion as complementary pursuits" (59) rather than conflicting ones.
(1974), "Suvarnadvipa and the Chryse Chersonesos", Indonesia, 18(Oct.):1-40.
In one of the several chronicle tales that explain how the Russian lands converted to Christianity, for example, Prince Vladimir of Kiev besieges the Greek emporium at Chersonesos. At first he makes very little progress against its defenders, but then he promises to convert to Orthodoxy in exchange for victory.
Among their topics are community in the hinterlands of a Black Sea port, the chora of Kerkinitis, and ancient roads and land divisions in the chorai of the European Bosporos and Chersonesos. The 15 papers, one in German, were presented at an August-September 2003 conference in Sonderborg, Denmark.
Oneion, overlooking Loutro Elenis (ancient Chersonesos).
CHERSONESOS IS AN ENORMOUS, ANCIENT RUIN alongside the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol, on the shores of the Black Sea.
Ahnliche Schwierigkeiten wie im Falle von "Babylon" ergeben sich auch beim Stichwort "Chersonesos," sowie auch im Falle der drei Eintragungen von "Cahuk." Bei letzterem ist nicht leicht zu ersehen, dass Nr.