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a city and administrative center of Cherven’ Raion, Minsk Oblast, Byelorussian SSR. Cherven’ is located 62 km southeast of Minsk and 30 km from the Pukhovichi railroad station; it is on the Minsk-Mogilev motor highway. The city has a milk plant, a vegetable-dehydration plant, a winery, a bread-baking combine, and a wood-products enterprise.



(also Cherven’; Polish, Czerwień), an ancient Russian city on the left bank of the Khuchva River, a tributary of the Zapadnyi Bug.

The earliest known reference to Cherven occurs in the Primary Chronicle in the entry for the year 981. The city was the center of the upper Zapadnyi Bug region and gave its name to the Cherven cities. As a result of archaeological excavations in the 1950’s and 1960’s, scholars have determined that Cherven was located in the vicinity of the present-day village of Czermno, Lublin Województwo, Poland.

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The grant will co-finance an EBRD loan of up to EU5 million to the districts of Puhovichi and Cherven, to build the country's first regional, more environmentally friendly landfill which will be operated by a new company.
Cherven Briag, Bulgaria (specified by Peshev 1983).
The bank's County president for Pinellas, Ken Cherven, said, 'We're here to help the economy grow.
Dobrev announced that Bulgaria's Council of Ministers would take a decision Wednesday to grant a concession for oil and gas production in the northern village of Deventsi, Cherven Bryag municipality, to Direct Petroleum Bulgaria AD.
17 April 2008: Maria Catarello, Nicolette Cherven, Randal K.
Bulgaria's Transport Minister Petar Mutafchiev cancelled appointments so he could visit the scene and meet the survivors who are being treated at a hospital in Cherven Briag.
The Burren Chernobyl Project sends aid to the Cherven orphanage in Belarus.
During the period covered by this report, there were no developments in the vandalism cases of Jewish cemeteries in Bobruisk and Cherven and the Holocaust memorial complex in Timkovichi.
Cherven has been named president and chief executive officer of First Community Bank Corporation of America in St.
description of the procurement: Supply, Installation of equipment and reconstruction of 20 / twenty / two scales: Kurilo, Mezdra, Cherven bryag, Sugar factory, Dupnitsa, Kulata, Montana, Septemvri, Harmanli, Haskovo, Kardzhali, Yambol, Karnobat, Druzhba, Pleven, Gorna oryahovitsa , Asparuhovo, Russe distributor - freight station, Razgrad and popovo.