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(Sanskrit, from kshatra, “dominion,” “rule”), one of the four main varnas, or social estates of ancient India.

The Kshatriya varna originated among Aryan tribes in the pre-Indian period as a result of the separation of military and government functions from productive labor when the primitive society was in the stage of decay. In the ancient Indian states, the Kshatriyas, who constituted the military and tribal aristocracy, assumed the ruling political and economic position; they were the rulers of states, officials, landowners, and professional soldiers. By the middle of the first millennium A.D. membership in the Kshatriya varna had ceased to determine the composition of the ruling class. In the Middle Ages it existed only as a traditional idea; for example, members of the military feudal Rajput caste, who had no hereditary link with the ancient varna, were called Kshatriyas.


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Man has sacrificed nature and its resources by turning them into commodities, Chetri explained.
The ancestors of the Brahman and Chetri caste groups came from India, while other ethnic groups trace their origins to central Asia and Tibet, including the Gurungs and Magars in the west, Rais and Limbus in the east, and Sherpas and Bhotias in the north.
Women would come into the restaurant and tell us terrible stories from the mountain, about harassment from their male trekking guides," says Dicky Chetri, 40, the middle of the three sisters.
Scholars such as Keshabman Sakya (2007) believe that the anti-king contention was mainly between the two high Hindu castes, the 'Bahuns' and 'Chetris' and now the Bahuns are enjoying the victory after the defeat of the Chetri king.
Respondents identified themselves as members of a wide range of ethnicities, though most were from the dominant and larger caste-ethnic groups in the country: Bhramin, Chetri, and Newar.
Kishore Chetri, a driver and cook at a parish center in Dharan, Nepal, attributed all the happiness he derives in life to the movement.
For others it may be a blue monster, but for me it was a blue wonder," said Akash Chetri, a college student.
c road from the house of anita chetri, Junction of pwd main road near bsf camp to burrial bround at pilkhana within ward no-8, Under murshidabad municipality.
Saamdu Chetri, the executive director of Bhutan's GNH Center, to explain the concept of GNH in a series of lectures in schools nationwide.
As we know JAP leader Harka Bahadur Chetri is an associate of Mamata now.
India had a goalkeeper captain at the last edition as well in Bharat Chetri.
So, we feel that this decision will not come into effect and will create more problems for our workers," Chetri added.