Chetwynd-Hayes, Ronald Henry Glynn

Chetwynd-Hayes, Ronald Henry Glynn (1919–2001)

(pop culture)

Ronald Henry Glynn Chetwynd-Hayes, horror short story writer and anthologist, was born in Middlesex, England, the son of Rose May Cooper and Henry Chetwynd-Hayes. He grew up in England and following his service in the British Army during World War II began a career in sales. His first novel, The Man from the Bomb, appeared in 1959. During the 1970s he emerged as a popular writer and anthologist of horror stories. His first vampire story, “Great Grandad Walks Again,” appeared in 1973 in Cold Terror, a collection of his short stories.

Through the 1970s he edited more than twenty volumes of horror, ghost, and monster stories, as well as several collections of his own works; he was equally productive through the 1980s. Most notable among his titles was The Monster Club (1975), later made into a 1980 movie starring John Carradine and Vincent Price (who played the author). In 1980 he authored a vampire novel, The Partaker, and later edited two anthologies of vampire stories, Dracula’s Children (1987) and The House of Dracula (1988). In 1988 Chetwynd-Hayes received the Bram Stoker Award for his achievements from the Horror Writers of America.


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