see Ji'anJi'an
or Kian
, city (1994 est. pop. 163,800), central Jiangxi prov., China. It is a major commercial port on the Gan River and an important road hub and market center. Light industry in the largest sector of the economy. Ji'an is known for its pagoda.
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, China.
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Sato.(7) The recent Chinese translation of a version of Tshal-pa's work by Chen Qingying and Zhou Runnian transcribes it by, respectively, duoshiligun [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] deshiligun [UKNOWN TEXT OMITTED], whereas Tang Chi'an's translation of Yar-lung Jo-bo Sakya-rin-chen's chronicle of 1376 renders it by the problematic guoshi huzhu [UNKNOWN TEST OMITTED].(8) In their translations of, respectively, Dpal'byor bzang-po's text and `Gos Lo-tsa-ba's work, Chen Qingying and Guo Heqing merely transcribe it into Chinese without further comment.(9) From this we may conclude that they did not identify this phrase and, more importantly, that they at least did not understand it as reflecting dishi.