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Farnsworth has assembled a wonderful array of examples for the basic rhetorical figures, and they are accompanied by acute comments on how they work, as here with chiasmus.
Having now examined the conceptual logics behind structuralist sign description, and thus also of Jakobson's zero analysis, and presented the structural-functional paradigm model as a tool for describing sign opposition, it is now time to look at some problems in Jakobson's gender analysis and the zeros of his chiasmus.
Thus, Kieslowski's use of chiasmus as a structural and thematic principle helps to shape the story into an important statement about the nature of faith by having us follow the inversely parallel journeys of Krzysztof and Irena as they respond separately and incompatibly to the death of Pawel.
Catullus was not the only writer to employ chiasmus in this fashion, nor was it only used in poetry.
That is, Cather's twinning of chiasmus and parataxis offers a rhetorical basis to the interpretive and ethical ideal of the "light touch.
In terms of composition framework, this extended chiasmus is divided in seven parts with the following oral patterning structure: ABC D C'B'A'.
A chiasmus found in the text highlights such reversal ' Jorge so was I.
A final challenge was to use Ciceronian word order leading to rhetorical devices such as chiasmus, anaphora, alliteration and emphatic positioning, while still keeping the meaning clear.
There's chiasmus, as in the "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," the Kennedy/Sorenson ABBA pattern.
In the Dolorosa metrica, for example, she speaks of the colonial paradox as a chiasmus in which "mas fue advitrio del Poder / el no poder arbitrar" (69-70), and one from which she and like-minded subjects would prefer to escape: "si es delito la obediencia, / que otras Leyes se nos den" (79-80).
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Just as people are divided by their "quilted skins," the fable itself is halved by chiasmus and caesura.