Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal

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Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal:

see ChicagoChicago,
river, formed in Chicago by the junction of its North Branch (24 mi/39 km long) and South Branch (10 mi/16 km long), and flowing southeast via a canal into the Des Plaines River at Lockport, Ill.
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, river.
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''This could be the first indication that Eurasian ruffe are on the cusp of using the Chicago canal system to invade the Mississippi,'' he said.
"The Army Corps needs first to protect the Chicago canal system from flooding.
Many projects require custom-made, one-of-a-kind pieces of equipment, such as a borer 21 feet in diameter that took five years to cut through 42,000 linear feet of hard rock deep below a Chicago canal. Since completing the job eight years ago, the $6 million machine has waited for another project-or buyer-that needs its power.
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