Chicago Seven

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Chicago Seven,

group of political activists, originally eight in number, who led protests at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968 and were charged with criminal conspiracy and incitement to riot. The seven defendants were Abbie Hoffman (1936–89), Jerry Rubin (1938–94), David Dellinger (1915–2004), Tom Hayden (1939–2016), Rennie Davis (1941–), John Froines (1939–), and Lee Weiner (1939–). The eighth defendant, Bobby Seale (1936–) of the Black PanthersBlack Panthers,
U.S. African-American militant party, founded (1966) in Oakland, Calif., by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. Originally aimed at armed self-defense against the local police, the party grew to espouse violent revolution as the only means of achieving black
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, was bound and gagged during the proceedings to stifle his strident protests against the judge's refusal to have his preferred counsel present or to let him mount his own defense. Seale was sentenced to four years in prison for contempt of court (reversed in 1972) and had his trial severed from that of the other seven in Nov., 1969. During the trial, which lasted from Sept. 24, 1969, to Feb. 18, 1970, Rubin and Hoffman, members of the Youth International party (Yippies), especially antagonized Judge Julius Hoffman with frequent disruptions, but all the defendants made anti–Vietnam War, political, countercultural, procedural and other protests repeatedly during the trial. Judge Hoffman was seen by many to be antagonistic toward and biased against the defendants from the beginning. The seven were acquitted of conspiracy charges, but all except Froines and Weiner were convicted of crossing state lines to incite a riot and sentenced to five years in prison and fined. All seven defendants and their attorneys (one of whom was William KunstlerKunstler, William Moses,
1919–95, American lawyer, b. New York City, grad. Yale (1941), Columbia law school (1948). Flamboyant and often brilliant, Kunstler defended the unpopular and unfailingly supported left-wing causes and clients.
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) were given prison terms for contempt of court. In 1972 the contempt convictions were overturned, but several defendants were convicted without sentence in a 1973 retrial. All criminal convictions in the case were reversed in 1972, and the defendants were not retried.
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He was known for his role as an anti-war, civil right and intellectual activist in the 1960s, authoring the Port Huron Statement and finally standing trial in the Chicago Seven case.
Among those depicted are Jack Ruby, James Earl Ray, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, John Gotti, the Chicago Seven, and Bemie Madoff.
In 1970, the ''Chicago Seven'' defendants were found not guilty of conspiring to incite riots at the 1968 Democratic national convention; five were convicted of violating the Anti-Riot Act of 1968 (those convictions were later reversed).
But, in both the public and the press's view, all such events tended to blend together, from draftcard burning trials, such as the Boston Five in 1968, to the circus-like Chicago Seven case in 1969, to the killings at Kent State in 1970.
Then in 1968 came Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, the Jewish bad boys of the Chicago Seven. In this age of Vietnam protests, the guys could act out but girls were still supposed to be nice, especially Jewish and Catholic girls.
The photographer's sympathies were clearly with the counterculture--represented by the Chicago Seven, Allen Ginsberg, and (in 1969, at least) Warhol's Factory--but the generals and bureaucrats of Vietnam's Mission Council got the most wall space, held in tense and tragic standoff with orphans and napalm victims.
"He was an irascible fellow." Wolf himself was an early friend and supporter of Barack Obamaand, as it happens, the Chicago Seven: a connection that critics of both the president and Wolf are all too happy to revive.
Some of the funniest moments arrive when Paul drops acid prior to being interviewed by commentator Joe Pyne on national television, and, again, just as he entered the courtroom to testify during the Chicago Seven trial.
Present times account for about the first third of the book, which then goes back over forty years to the days of Woodstock, My Lai, The Black Panthers, Jimi Hendrix, Chappaquiddick, and the Chicago Seven. The six members of the eventual commune have gravitated to Chicago from places like Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana, and all believe passionately in their cause: to overthrow the "military-industrial complex [which] had imposed its will on a quiet little country with no provocation." Those days of turmoil are re-created in masterful fashion by the author, bringing them to vibrant life.
Cats In A Chowder is a metaphor for the death of the dream of the idea of even having an American Dream: baseball mothers road trips and the Chicago Seven all get the straight shot to the pocket.
Radical activists Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, and three other members of the "Chicago Seven" were convicted of inciting a riot and some of the song's lyrics refer to their trial.

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